Sunday, 24 March 2013

March Glossybox Review

So this months Glossybox is "Get City Chic with Glossybox" i actually really liked what i got in this month, its much more of a mixture of things than previous months.

The first thing i loved is this months Glossybox was the edition of a little book, its a great little travel book its really cute!  In the middle there are some really cute little stickers, i dont know much il use it but i think its a really great addition to the box.

TRESemme Salon finish extra hold hairspray - Full size £4.69 - I actually use hairspray quite a lot, because i have shorter hair i find its the only thing that really holds my hair in place.  This TRESemme hairspray smells really good and does hold your hair in place, however, i dont like that it makes your hair a bit clumpy i usually use Silverkrin and think il stick with it.

Juicy Couture - CoutureLaLa - Full size £63 - Im not a massive fan of Juicy Couture but do like some of there previous perfumes but find some of them a little bit too sweet.  I actually think this is a move away from the usual sweet scent, this is a much lighter fragrance.  Using bright florals its a lovely fresh summer smell that i really like.  I also like that its a pump spray tester as you can get quite a lot of uses out it.

Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream - Full size £25 - Eight hour cream is one of those miracle all rounders.  It works great for hands, cuticles, dry skin, lips (see an all rounder!!) i actually have always loved this product and having a tester size is great for my desk at work :)

Nails Inc - in St James - Full size £11 - Ok so i have a MASSIVE collection of nail varnishes but i dont have many reds, so im really glad i got this colour, i love Nails Inc anyway and think there varnishes are good quality.  Shame this didnt come in the February box for Valentines though.

Jelly Pong Pong lip blush - Full size £12 - I love that this is a full size product!! In america they have a thing very similar to Glossybox but you get full sizes.  I actually really like this colour its a really light pink sheen that does exactly what it says it gives your lips a lovely 'blush' 

All in all pretty impressed with what ive got this month but we need more full size samples come on Glossybox!! Dont let the americans beat us!!

cherrylovesit x

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ghost Hunt Ordsall Hall 09/03/2013

So this is a little bit different from my usual posts but i had so much fun last night i had to share!

Me and a couple of friends went to a Ghost Hunt at Ordsall Hall in Salford the night ran from 9pm until 1am and we moved in groups around the hall doing seances in different rooms reported to be haunted.

 Ordsall Hall was first recorded in 1177.  Since then, it has been home to medieval gentry, Tudor nobility, Catholics loyal to the crown, butchers, farmers, an Earl, an artist, priests, scout troops, mill workers, cows and several ghosts!

They run ghosts nights several times a year.  The night was £39 (a bit pricey) and included refreshments, use of the equipment and what was described as a finger buffet (trust me it wasnt!!)

The night started with a talk in the great hall and then you are split into groups and taken round my different members of the tour group.  While in each room you use different equipment to try and gain communication with the spirits. 

the night is recorded on webcam this is one of the images from them!  We had quite a lot of interaction in the first room and then not so much anywhere else.  You are pushed to laugh and have fun as it makes everything much more relaxed.  I loved it even if you think people are pushing the glass or its not true! This was so much fun!

Has anyone else been on ghost hunt?
Do you believe?

cherrylovesit x

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner 24H - Review

If any of you have me on twitter you will already know by now that i am a massive fan of the winged liner look.  Its my day to day go to! i LOVE it.

Ive tried all different products pencil (i love for creating a really smokey eye) liquid (i love for sleek lines) but have found that gel is my fave!  Mainly because it lasts a really long time on my face and in the container (if that makes sense!)

Ive used MAC's gel eyeliner and loved it, but this month I've already splurged on way to many luxuries so had no money for my necessities! This was on offer in Boots for £7 so i decided why not as id seen some good reviews.  It comes with a brush as well which is always a plus.

The brush is a scalloped edge which i wasn't too sure of as id always used an angled brush before, but it actually works really well great for thin and thick lines.  I'm actually genuinely impressed it stays on all day and i can vary my looks with the brush from a simple kick to a more dramatic wing.  The gel is really smooth and i don't feel you need a lot to go along way (good for the purse strings). 

I don't feel there's a massive difference between MAC and this high street Maybelline version so just another example of when high end doesn't really make a difference.

Have used this product before?

cherrylovesit x

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Simple Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll On - Review

One of my major issues with my face (haha) is my bags under my eyes they are really bad, sometimes it looks like i have black eyes its not a great look.  So i have tried loads of remedies and products and not really found anything that i like.  Previously i have used a similar product by Garnier and wasn't sold.

The only reason i actually bought this was that Simple was on 3 for 2 at Boots when i did my haul so why not!  Im not going to say this is a miracle roll on or that my dark circles are instantly gone because i really dont think thats possible, however, i actually really like this product.  

The roll on is a really good size for the under eye area and doesn't leave to much liquid on your skin.  after lightly dabbing in with my ring finger you do notice a difference, its not massive but i do feel that since using my dark circles have slightly improved so i dont have to wear quite as much concealer.  This is also cheaper than other products claiming to do the same thing (£4.99).  

Does anyone else have really bad issues with under eye circles?

cherrylovesit x

Philosophy Hope in a Jar - Review

Philosophy is one of those brands that if you've heard of or tried any of there products you will already love them, if you haven't you really need to discover them!

Philosophy Hope in a Jar is their go to moisturiser and comes as part of a collection of cleansers and creams.  I was actually introduced to this brand through my boyfriend and his Mum she loves QVC and gets loads of fantastic brands through them that you dont see on the high street.  All philosophy products have these great little sayings or "philosophy's" on the front of their packaging which i just love (not sure why just think its cute).

The moisturiser retails at around £34 a bit pricey but trust me it lasts for ages.  Certain Selfridges and John Lewis stock it and most recently big Boots stores have started to do a small selection including their AMAZING shower gels.  To be honest i always get mine on eBay as you can get some really good deals this pot was £19 including postage.

It has a whipped texture that feels really light (this also goes to improve coverage as you dont need a lot to go a long way)  There is a slight yellow tinge to the cream with a light citrus smell.  It is 99.9% oil free, i have combination skin and find that it works really well hydrating my skin.  The best thing about this product is the instant result, once applied lightly with the tips of your fingers your skin instantly looks brighter and i find it evens my skin tone out really well if your daring you could go out with just this on! 

I absolutely swear by this moisturiser morning and night (light enough for day and mositurises enough for night) and really hope ive shown you a brand you maybe haven't seen before.

cherrylovesit x