Sunday 28 April 2013

Glamglow supermud clearing treatment: review

One of my favourite things from the #northmeetup was meeting the lovely ladies from Xentan and GLAMGLOW.  Id always heard amazing things about these products on the bblogger grapevine but had to yet to try any of them myself. 

During the event itself i managed to go down and speak tot hem about what the products had to offer.  I have yet to try the Xentan that we got in the goodie bags, however after a particularly heavy Friday night out (oops!!) i decided my skin warranted some much needed TLC.  I decided to use the GLAMGLOW supermud clearing treatment as this is the one that was raved about the event.

So the detoxifying mudmask contains some of the amazing tea leaves that makes GLAMGLOW something different, designed to not only leave you with instant results but to keep your skin loking amazing for days after this really is something different. 

I apologise for the above photo but i had to show it on!! so after leaving it on for 20 or so mins i washed it off using my Washi Clothes.  I am completely converted my skin felt and looked amazing and it did continue for days after! I didnt feel like i needed to cleanse after or put loads of moisturiser on because it had dried my skin out (which is how i usually feel after a facemask!)

I loved it, it really did make my skin glow and made me feel amazing without any makeup which is no small feat, i will deffo be investing in a bigger tub!!

Have you used any GLAMGLOW products?

cherrylovesit x


  1. Stopping by from the beauty blogger to say hi! I haven't tried any of these products but I'm obsessed with skin care products. The tea leaves intrigue me so I'm going to try out the mud mask, thanks for sharing!


  2. This looks awesome. I'm the same with masks, I usually end up smothered in moisturiser shortly after because I get dry patches.. But I might give this a go :) Great review hun.

    Kerys -xo
    Little Bo Blab

    1. honestly i didnt feel like i had to load my skin up, i hate that because it kind of ruins the point of the face mask!! ENJOY!!

  3. This sounds amazing! I keep hearing such rave reviews about these products, shame I can't afford them at the moment :(
    Love the facemask pic! ;D

    Jesss xo

    1. haha thanks i look horrendous!! i would deffo say its worth having a splurge or put it on a wishlist!! xx

  4. This looks lovely!! I need to try it!!

    Ange at Hairspray and High Heels

  5. I was at the north meet up too, and coincidentally I posted about GlamGlow last week! >>

    I think the effects have worn off a bit now though..I love your blog and I hope I see you at another blogger event soon :) xx