Tuesday 18 June 2013

Blogging absence :(

Recently I really feel like ive been letting myself and you all down when it comes to my blog posts so I really just wanted o explain whats been going on with me and why ive been a bit absent.

So this year has really been all about change,  I started by finally going to see a doctor about the depression ive been secretly dealing with for over 5 years, its something that affects me every day but when it does its something I find very difficult to deal with.  I know everyone suffers in different ways, my problem is that im always on at the end of tether so when something little happens (that anyone else could ignore) its like the end of the world to me.  So I have now been diagnosed with depression and I am on a waiting list to speak with a counsellor (I have decided not to medicate)

Secondly I have changed jobs I have been working in retail management for over 5 years, this has recently been making me really unhappy and so in March I got a job with an online estate agent.  So far I am really enjoying it, there is loads of pressure but I kind of like it, theres much more of a social scene which I love, plus because I don't work with my friends anymore we all make more of an effort, so I see them more which is amazing!  For the first time in about 3 years I have a really good group of friends and I love them all to pieces <3

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 years and this last couple of months have been a bit up and down, I think its really been make or break for us, at the moment we are working through things.  I think weve both just changed so much in the last years and weve never really addressed it, I really hope it works because I cant imagine my life without him.

So yeah that's basically why ive been absent lately, things are on the up though so fingers crossed I can get back to it!! Ive missed you!

cherrylovesit x


  1. Good luck if you aren't going to medicate, depression is extremely difficult to treat that way. People tend to self-medicate with other things. I suffer from bi-polar disorder (expelains a lot). I wish you the best. It is very hard to live a normal life with it. Others around you are running around doing their day-to-day activities while all you can do is crawl out bed. Really, anti-depressants come in all varieties and can help.

    1. Thank you so much for your support, the main reason I'm choosing not to medicate is because I think I need to find the root cause of the problem. If the psychiatrist wants to medicate I definitely will think I just need to give this a go. I totally understand what you mean, I have no idea how hard it must be for you dealing with bi polar disorder, I hope you are ok though!!

  2. *biggest hugs* I've suffered from depression since I was 12 years old and it's been a very difficult journey. I've been through counselling sessions and tried to end my own life when I turned 20. It's really difficult trying to explain your feelings to someone at first, but trust me it helps. You'll get through this and one day you'll be able to look back and realise how much of a stronger person you have become. I'm now engaged, excelling at university and everything in my life seems so much more positive - I really hope everything works out for you.



    1. Wow thats so amazing I'm so happy for you I really hope that now I'm actually doing something about it I can start to rebuild :) I think actually admitting it was the biggest hurdle for me. Thank you so much for your support *big hugs*