Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Oscars 2013: My roundup

 If any of you saw my post yesterday you would know i was pretty excited about The Oscars last night.  I ended up tweeting throughout the whole thing if you want to see my ramblings theres a link to my twitter on the right hand side (@cherrylovesit)

To start off the red carpet! We originally started watching the coverage on E! but i was actually really disappointed i dont feel like enough time was spent actually on the red carpet! Too much of Kelly Osbourne giving her opinion on dresses we didnt even get to see live!! Eventually we flipped to Sky Oscars and that was MUCH better.

Overall i was slightly underwhelmed with the dresses dont get me wrong i thought most people looked amazing but from the standard ive seen in previous years.  My top 3 picks for best dressed are as follows:

Jessica Chastain again rocked the red carpet for me in her Armani Prive dress.  Nude elegance she said she wanted "to capture the glamour of old Hollywood" and i think she en captured it perfectly!
Chrlize Theron looked absolutely stunning with her extremely short pixe cut (thanks to Mad Max!) and her structured peplum from Dior!  I loved how feminine and statuesque she looked.
Naomi Watts again in a gorgeous Giorgio Armani Dress i loved the gunmetal glitter and different style there was nothing else like it on the red carpet this year.
I realiseall these dresses are quite structured but thats just the look i like!

Other honorable mentions go to:

Stacey Kiebler in  Naeem Khan, Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen and Jennider Lawrence in  Dior Haute Couture. 

My highlights of the night were Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron dancing in the opening medley, JGL dancing and singing (i mean could he get any better!!), the cast of Les Mis singing live (unreal actual tears!), Barbara!! need i say more, and Argo winning best picture it was so deserved especially after they snubbed him for Best Director!  His speech was touching and perfect.  I still love the Oscars and was happy that this year there was a real mix of winners not any one film swept the board.  Another year to go for the highlight of the Red Carpet season!!

cherrylovesit x


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Oscars 2013


The Oscars is a really big deal in my house both me and my boyfriend love films so the Oscars is the highlight of the year (even though we get irritated by them every year) we stay up and have movie food and champagne cocktails.

Im really excited about this years Oscars as Seth Mcfarlane (Family Guy) is hosting so im sure theres going to be some great laughs tonight. 
We do always get really annoyed as the films they choose arent what we would class as the films of the year (but i guess thats why its an opinion) I think the biggest shame this year is that Ben Affleck hasnt been nominated for Best Director but his film Argo has a nom for best Film.  Ben Affleck completely deserves the Oscar as i thoroughly enjoyed Argo.  Plus he's suddenly got really hot!! (i think its the power of the beard!! and a good suit)

The red carpet is my fave part of the night to be honest seeing all the gorgeous outfits, hair and makeup i love it!!!  My best dressed from last year were Stacey Kiebler, Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain. 

Cannot wait to see who will be wearing what this year!! Will do another post tomorrow about the winners, losers and best, worst dressed!!

Boots Haul :)

The other day i popped into Boots and ended up buying way more than i was supposed to ooopppss!! but oh well i actually needed everything i ended up buying so it was worth it :)

I ended up buying 3 things from Simple (it was 3 for 2 so i had to) i have always used there makeup remover wipes (£3.25) as i find them really gentle on my skin and they've always worked for me so why change.  I decided to try there simple Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On (£4.99) as dark under eye circles are real problem area.  I must say im pretty impressed overall. (all new products i will review in a separate post)

Models Own Egg Shaped Applicators (£8) after watching some of Kandee Johnson's tutorials these seem to be something she uses quite a lot as in general they are a better shape than regular spnge applicators.

Real techniques Core Collection (£21.99) after seeing these on i decided to indulge as decent brushes are definitely something im lacking.

Boots own Eyelash Curler (£4.50) i have an admission to make i havent owned an eyelash curler for about 10 years so really needed a new one!!

I ended up buying quite a lot of Rimmel products mainly because there was an offer (i cant remember what it was...sorry!) So i got the Scandaleyes show off mascare, wake me up concealer, BB Cream and just there hide the blemish Concealer.

I also bought some new heads for my Venus Razor :)

As i said all new products will get reviewed in another blog post.

cherrylovesit x

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

February Glossybox review!

Because of when i signed up i managed to get my second Glossybox almost straight after my first.  I actually love getting them through the post its a nice little present every month just for me!

So this months was LUURRVVVEE themed for obvious reasons and once again was wrapped gorgeously with a free heart lollipop.  Heres a peek inside at what i received:

MEMEME Cosmetics  - Beat the Blues, highlighter in Oyster gold - £5.50 (full size) - I was actually really excited about this item i was looking at a new highlighter.  Its a cream highlighter in a gorgeous gold colour.  I actually wasnt to keen once i put it on as i dont think it worked on top of my regular makeup.  I do think it would be great for the summer when your wearing a really light coverage to give yourself a healthy glow.

Micabella Cosmetics - Mineral Eye Shadow - £14.95 (full size) - I love mineral products as they sit on my skin really nicely.  This is in colour 53 Deep Secrets and is a really nice super pigmented bronze.  It goes on really easily and a little bit goes a long away.  I dont think i would re purchase mainly because i think this will last for ages overall a great mineral product.

Figs and Rouge - Rambling Rose Lip, face and body balm - £3.49 full size - I love this tin its so cute and vintage looking!! the balm itself has almost a crystalised top to it but once on is really smooth.  the smell of rambling rose smells like turkish delight (i love it but i know a lot of people wont).  Its a really handy size to carry round to help moisturise cuticles, lips and elbows etc.  I probably wouldnt purchase as i tend to carry a moisturiser with me anyway.

Rituals - Magic touch Cherry Blossom and Rice milk whipped body cream - £15 full size - I have always been a fan of Rituals products and definitely need to invest in some more.  This moisturiser is gorgeous a little goes a long way and leaves the skin feeling and smelling gorgeous.  I will definately be re purchasing i just think its a great all rounder as far as good moisturisers go!

Miners Cosmetics - Lip colour in Cinnamon - £3.99 Full size - To be honest im not really sure why they would include a lip colour as its a very personal thing, however im always willing to give things a go.  the colour is a reddy/brown with a shimmer to it.  the quality of the lipstick is actually ok considering the price.  I probably wont use the coulour as i think its a bit old for me but in general not bad.

Love getting my little boxes every month keep your eyes peeled for when March's box arrives!

cherrylovesit x

Sanctuary 30 Thermal Transformation mask (Glossybox)

I finally got round to using the Sanctuary Spa face mask that was in the January Glossybox! (i know im horrendously late but i just haven't got round to using it!)

First you have to put a Peptide face serum all over your face and neck, to prepare your skin for the Thermal clay mask, this was really smooth and went on really easily.  Next you put on the Thermal Clay mask, this felt really strange going on and heated up as it reacted the serum.  It was a very odd sensation and at first i didnt really like it.  However the heat cooled pretty quickly.  After 15 mins i washed off the mask and my skin did feel smoother.  I dont think il be purchasing as the full size is quite expensive and feel i can get as good a result from a standard cleansing mask.

cherrylovesit x

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Karl Pilkington Cake

Ahhh this is my first official cake post how scary! It was my very good friend Niki's birthday on Wednesday last week i wasnt going to see him until Saturday and me and the bf decided to surprise him with a cake. 

One of his fave people in the world is Karl Pilkington as in the "little round headed Manc twat" i used the cartoon version of Karl from The Ricky Gervais Show as inspiration.

(I love this!!) so i made a standard vanilla round cake, and made one extra to cut out the ears.  This left me with loads of leftovers that me and the bf could snack on (added bonus).  To decorate i used vanilla buttercream with a little bit of red food colouring to make it pink.  For the details i used black sugarpaste (like royal icing but better for moulding!) you can get all these things in big supermarkets which is amazing as previously i had to go to specialist shop.  So anyway here is the finished product:

 What do you think??

cherrylovesit x

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day Nails

Im off today so decided to spend some time on me painting my nails!  I used 2 colours from Ciate Mini Mani Month set. 

I used Dangerous Affair (not a great name for Valentines but a gorgeous deep raspberry red) and Enchanted Rose as a top coat.  I love the Ciate nail varnishes they last longer then some really expensive brands plus i love my set because theres so many colours!!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!

cherrylovesit x

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

25 random facts about me!!

Ok so everyone seems to be doing this on my blogger feed so i figured why not join in

  1. Ive pretty much always worked in retail but ive just got a new job in property im pretty scared to be honest.  My dream job would be to be MUA for Illamasqua
  2. I dont really have any close friends i have people i can trust but only maybe 2 people i class as actual friends
  3. Ive been through quite a lot for a 25 year old some things i regret others i think made me who i am today
  4. I danced in the Millennium Dome when it was open, and i was in Paris at the Eiffel Tower for midnight
  5. Im a film geek i could watch them all day long
  6. I used to love horror films but now the thing in your brain that says "this isnt real" has disappeared
  7. I have a puppy who is everything to me he is literally my child, he's called Travie after Travie McCoy : )
8. Im slightly obsessed with Vampires and went to a Buffy and Angel convention when i was younger (because im cool)
9. I have 3 tattoos (back piece, nautical star and an apple) and i sed to have tunnels and my tongue pierced.
10. My Mum is my favourite person in the world she has the coolest stories and is definitely the coolest person i know
11. My weakness is Cheese ball crisps and onion rings i literally cant get enough hence the little belly!!
12. "I love to Dance" its literally my favourite thing ever even if i look like an idiot i will rock it until my feet drop off
13. I read nearly every day last year i read 23 books and at the moment im reading Game of Thrones if youve not got into it do now!!!
14. I live with my boyfriend we have been together 4 years and even though weve had our ups and downs i wouldnt change them for the world.
15. I bake all the time for friends and family but no one ever bakes for me, this is one of the best cakes ive ever done

16. When i was younger i crashed into a wall on a bike and split my lip and nose open, i also broke my arm it was pretty horrible, my sister used to call me simba because my face was yellow from the bruising (i still have the scars)
17. I have a younger sister, and 2 older step brothers we might not always get along but i wouldnt change them for the world.
18. I used to be a bit of a tomboy but now the more Glitter and sequins the better
19. I love going out to eat, sometimes i much prefer food and drinks to a full on night out
20. My wish is to go to Mexico for Day of the Dead i find the festival and the idea so interesting
21.I need to go back to Disney it literally is the happiest place on the earth the smile that spreads across your face when you see Magic Kingdom is infectious AND i want to go to Harry Potter land (i am a massive kid at heart but i dont care)
22.  My favourite city in Europe is Amsterdam ive been 3 times and love it more every time!! take me back!
23. Ive never been on a girls holiday and would love nothing more than to go to Ibiza and dance to Calvin Harris all night with a group of girls!
24.My music taste is the definition of eclectic i love ALL types of music and go through phases of favourite genres
25.  Ive always really struggled to find a lipstick that i love and wear all the time so ive just stopped buying them (any tips would be amazing!!)

So i hope this has given you a bit of a better idea of who i am (i dont actually think these are that interesting!) if youve done a post, let me know in the comments below!

cherrylovesit x

Monday, 11 February 2013

Glossybox January review!

I was late to order Glossybox but just in time to get January's box as well as February's.  In my previous post i listed exactly what i got in my first box so ive tried all the products except the Sanctuary Spa mask (my boyfriend is off out this weekend so going to pamper myself on Saturday night, with a glass of wine!!)

Premae Skincare - Balance Rescue Face Tonique - This is a natural toner for the face, i have combination skin and find a lot of toners dry out my skin.  It feels fresh on the skin without the tightening effect, i feel with toners ive used in the past.  To me it feels more like a cleanser i wouldnt buy a full size but will enjoy using the sample.

Jason - Lips Bee Healthier - I am in LOVE with this!  its a 70% organic lip balm made with beeswax and other amazing natural products.  For a start it smells like mint aero which lets face it can only be a good thing.  Secondly it goes on like BUTTER (said with attitude!!) it makes my lips feel amazing really moisturised and healthy (they've been drenched in it since Friday!!).  I will definitely be re-purchasing!

Monu - Micro Exfoliant -  I used this, this morning in the shower as part of my morning skincare routine.  I found the smell really off putting, very clinical for a face wash, however after putting up with the smell i do feel like it made my skin super smooth.  Which is always a plus! i don't think i would re-purchase as i think there are better exfoliants out there.  Good little sample though!

Paul Mitchell - Lavender Mint Conditioner - I have always been a fan of Lavender Mint products especially the Aveda range i just cant get enough of the smell!  So getting this sample instantly put a smile on my face.  The smell however isnt quite right :( i dont feel it is as balanced as other products that ive used in the past.  The general conditioner though is really good my hair felt super smooth afterwards and has felt the same all day.  I wont be repurchasing as like i said i prefer the smell of other Lavender Mint conditioners.  But all in all a very good  conditioner.

cherrylovesit x

Whats my niche?

Looking at all of the blogs out there everyone has a specific niche that there blog follows.  So originally i started this blog (i know its only been 2 weeks) to follow my journey in teaching myself proper makeup application. 

Ive realised my blog name actually lends itself to a lot of things so going forward along with the main theme of makeup and beauty im going to be sharing everything i (cherry) loves!!

Fashion, music, makeup, baking, friends, food and loads more that i cant think of right now.  For me this year is the year of change ive just got a new job (i start in a month eeeek!) im trying to lose weight, spend more time with the people that matter to me and are supportive of my dreams, follow my dreams and generally try to make myself a better person.

So i hope you enjoy all the new posts that will be coming your way!

cherrylovesit x

Sunday, 10 February 2013

OOTD: Nerd onesie boohoo £20

So i know its a bit different from a regular OOTD but i am in love with my newest purchase from Boohoo!  I buy from them quite regularly as although i sometimes find the quality is lacking, most of purchases i have look amazing and for a fraction of the price other places charge.

So my OOTD is my onesie!! its Sunday and its my one day to chill out with my boyfriend so i rarely do anything let alone getting dressed haha!

 So i am a NERD so im not just being "cool" its nice because its not too thick so you dont get really hot which is one thing that i cant stand.  Theres a hood as well which i probably wont wear but its still fun.  It was £20 which at the price some onesies are selling for is an absolute bargain.

cherrylovesit x

Friday, 8 February 2013

Received my first Glossybox!

 Ok so i know im probably really late on to this but im really excited that ive got my Glossybox im really busy this weekend got one of my best friends up for a weekend of fun but i thought id just share what products i received. 

Premae Skincare - Balance Rescue Face Tonique - 50ml £27.50
Monu - Micro Exfolioant - 100ml £14.50
Paul Mitchell - Lavender Mint Moisturising Conditioner - 300ml £4.25
Jason - Lip Bee Healthier - 4.6g - £1.99
Sanctuary Spa - Active Reverse Thermal Transformation Mask - Full size - £27.50

So as i said i will try them all over the course of the weekend and will pop up a review on Monday

cherrylovesit x

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wish List

So as you all know ive only just started blogging my plan is to buy new products every month.  Test and review them if its makeup i will be trying a new look and posting a tutorial on how i achieved the look and whether it was successful (or not!!)

However at the moment i have NO money im not really sure why but oh well sooo when i get paid my wishlist looks a little bit like this:

  1. MAC Duo Fibre Brush 187 - £32.50 - great for powder or applying a light liquid foundation
  2. NARS bronzing powder in Laguna - £26 - great for all over bronzing or for use as a contouring powder
  3. MAC lip pencil in Chestnut - £11.50 - Gorgeous reddy brown colour
  4. MAC lip pencil in Cherry - £11.50 - Bright red and obviously i would love it!!
The 2 lip pencils are to try a look created by Kandee Johnson her red velvet lip tutorial looks amazing and for somebody who is really scared of a red lip i thought id give this one a go!! So keep those eyes peeled for my version of the tutorial along with any obstacles i came across for someone who has previously never suited a red lip.

cherrylovesit x

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Make up truths

As you are all aware by now I love make up and sometimes the more dramatic the better.

Make up is really misunderstood allot of people see it as an insecurity.  I however see it as an expression of who I really am, it lets people see a little bit of my personality without giving too much away. 

The key thing to remember with makeup is to use of to ENHANCE your natural beauty not HIDE it!  Remember this golden rule and you'll be amazed at the difference in yourself and your makeup!  And always remember to SMILE it completes any look!

                           cherrylovesit x

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Gold, always believe in your soul!

I don't really wear a lot of lipgloss/lipstick as im much more about striking eyes HOWEVER i do have a fast favourite that i always pull out after a couple of drinks.


Its a stunning beige colour with rainbow glitter it looks gold once on, the lipgloss is sheer so goes really well onto other lipsticks but also looks great just as a stand alone colour. 

It is a little bit sticky but i don't find it uncomfortable and i don't find it overly bitty for a glittery gloss which is sometimes the case.  As i said i usually go for a smokey eye so this is a really perfect nude gloss to partner with the dramatic eye!

I tried to take a pic of gloss but its to sheer but to give you an idea ive done it on its own and on top of a bright pink lippy

cherrylovesit x

Friday, 1 February 2013

One of my faves from 2012

So as you guys probably don't know i am a massive MAC fan so when it came time to book somewhere for my birthday make up i immediately wanted to go to MAC but as usual they were to busy so i went to Illamasqua a brand i had always looked at albeit from afar and one of the items they used has become a fast favourite.


Its a reddish brown pigment with blue, green and silver hues, this is made to be played with.  I love it, it can be used on its own as a highlighter or eyeshadow or can be mixed or blended with on top of other products, such as blushers, eye-shadows and depending on how daring you are even over lipstick!
Below i have used the pigment on its own, on top of a black eyeliner and on top of a brown eyeshadow and each look is super different.

brown shadow
My fave is over the black it gives an amazing green metallic look.  Whats your favourite??

cherrylovesit x


So I'm brand new to all this blogging malarkey I'm a bit behind but oh well.  2013 for me is the year of change and ive decided to start doing things I love.

I have always loved makeup and beauty and generally just playing around.  But I really want to start doing it more seriously however like a lot of people I dont have the money for a course sooooo welcome to my self teach blog.

I will be posting inspirations, new products, ideas, tutorials, reviews and general makeup info as I go through my journey!

Hopefully I might inspire a few of you to do the same!
So welcome to cherrylovesit!!