Sunday 21 April 2013


So i know ive been horrendous the last couple of weeks with keeping up to date on my blogging (im sorry please dont hate me!!) but here it is my roundup of the amazing #NORTHMEETUP

Toward the beginning of the year the amazing Em from put out a tweet for northern bloggers seeing who wanted to come to an event, i tweeted back but really didnt expect anything as im so new to the blogging community!  But low and behold i received an email!!

Saturday i spent the entire day making over 60 cupcakes for all you beautiful bloggers, thank you so much Em for letting me supply them and to any of you who have featured them in your blog posts!!

It was such an amazing day cocktails, beauty and girls!  It was my first ever bloggers event so i was super nervous to meet everyone, but i have to say everyone i spoke to was so nice! It was nice knowing i wasnt the only newbie in the room and getting some great tips from the pros who have been blogging for ages.

I got to meet some amazing people who fingers crossed i will see again at other events...Charissa-Rae, Laura from Niki from and a few girlies who i already knew Victoria from and Ashleigh the 2 girls who actually inspired me to start blogging, and obviously not forgetting EM!!

I had such an amazing day and want to say thank you to all the amazing sponsors GlamGlow, XenTan, Blanx, Arbonne, Ilah borws, Nikki for Anne Semonin and CapitalFM for the red carpet area!!
The goodie bags were literally the best thing EVER!! i have never been so excited to open anything ever haha!!

I will do a blog post on my fave products from the goodie bags but thank you to Faceb4, Xen Tan goodies, Blanx, Elemis, Dr Hauschka, Lee Stafford, Burts Bees, Arbonne Makeup, Witch, Label M, Neil & Wolf, Batiste, GlamGlow and so many more i cant even remember!

All in all it was such a fantastic day and really made me feel like part of an amazing community! So again Thank you Em and to everyone i met on the day sorry if ive forgotten to mention anyone!!!

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