Tuesday 5 March 2013

Philosophy Hope in a Jar - Review

Philosophy is one of those brands that if you've heard of or tried any of there products you will already love them, if you haven't you really need to discover them!

Philosophy Hope in a Jar is their go to moisturiser and comes as part of a collection of cleansers and creams.  I was actually introduced to this brand through my boyfriend and his Mum she loves QVC and gets loads of fantastic brands through them that you dont see on the high street.  All philosophy products have these great little sayings or "philosophy's" on the front of their packaging which i just love (not sure why just think its cute).

The moisturiser retails at around £34 a bit pricey but trust me it lasts for ages.  Certain Selfridges and John Lewis stock it and most recently big Boots stores have started to do a small selection including their AMAZING shower gels.  To be honest i always get mine on eBay as you can get some really good deals this pot was £19 including postage.

It has a whipped texture that feels really light (this also goes to improve coverage as you dont need a lot to go a long way)  There is a slight yellow tinge to the cream with a light citrus smell.  It is 99.9% oil free, i have combination skin and find that it works really well hydrating my skin.  The best thing about this product is the instant result, once applied lightly with the tips of your fingers your skin instantly looks brighter and i find it evens my skin tone out really well if your daring you could go out with just this on! 

I absolutely swear by this moisturiser morning and night (light enough for day and mositurises enough for night) and really hope ive shown you a brand you maybe haven't seen before.

cherrylovesit x


  1. Sounds fabulous. I have never heard of it before, or this brand. But Im loving the name!

  2. deffo go and check them out!

  3. This is one of my faves from Philosophy!! I also love their Take A Deep Breath gel moisturizer!!



  4. I have never actually tried it but I have heard from friends that its fantastic!!! Great review, sounds like something I need to try!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  5. I love this name! I need to try this!
    Barbie's Beauty Bits


  6. Thanks guys so glad so many of you will look at this brand now!