Sunday 24 February 2013

Boots Haul :)

The other day i popped into Boots and ended up buying way more than i was supposed to ooopppss!! but oh well i actually needed everything i ended up buying so it was worth it :)

I ended up buying 3 things from Simple (it was 3 for 2 so i had to) i have always used there makeup remover wipes (£3.25) as i find them really gentle on my skin and they've always worked for me so why change.  I decided to try there simple Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On (£4.99) as dark under eye circles are real problem area.  I must say im pretty impressed overall. (all new products i will review in a separate post)

Models Own Egg Shaped Applicators (£8) after watching some of Kandee Johnson's tutorials these seem to be something she uses quite a lot as in general they are a better shape than regular spnge applicators.

Real techniques Core Collection (£21.99) after seeing these on i decided to indulge as decent brushes are definitely something im lacking.

Boots own Eyelash Curler (£4.50) i have an admission to make i havent owned an eyelash curler for about 10 years so really needed a new one!!

I ended up buying quite a lot of Rimmel products mainly because there was an offer (i cant remember what it was...sorry!) So i got the Scandaleyes show off mascare, wake me up concealer, BB Cream and just there hide the blemish Concealer.

I also bought some new heads for my Venus Razor :)

As i said all new products will get reviewed in another blog post.

cherrylovesit x


  1. Great Haul. I use my Beauty Blenders (real & fake) everyday to pat out any brush strokes my foundation brush might have left and to apply concealer.

    Sara x

  2. I am desperate for a decent eyelash curler, I have this boots one but find it doesn't give me as much as a curl as ones with a spring in the handle; how do you find them?

    ED xx

  3. I actually have no problems with it but I do agree the ones with a spring are much better but this will do day to day haha!!


  4. Yay, Im so glad you bought the brushes, arent they fantastic for the price!? Theyre probably one of my favourite beauty buys now and I never stop recommending them. Your blog looks amazing Lauren, so glad youre a fellow blogger :) I think I may need to invest in some of these sponge applicators though. They do look amazing!

    Victoria | In the Frow xx

  5. Yeah there really good and for the price!! youd get one brush for that in most places!! thank you so much its still getting going but im really enjoying it! and the sponges are really good they get in all the right places and i find them really good at concealing as the tipped end buffs really well!!