Wednesday 27 February 2013

Oscars 2013: My roundup

 If any of you saw my post yesterday you would know i was pretty excited about The Oscars last night.  I ended up tweeting throughout the whole thing if you want to see my ramblings theres a link to my twitter on the right hand side (@cherrylovesit)

To start off the red carpet! We originally started watching the coverage on E! but i was actually really disappointed i dont feel like enough time was spent actually on the red carpet! Too much of Kelly Osbourne giving her opinion on dresses we didnt even get to see live!! Eventually we flipped to Sky Oscars and that was MUCH better.

Overall i was slightly underwhelmed with the dresses dont get me wrong i thought most people looked amazing but from the standard ive seen in previous years.  My top 3 picks for best dressed are as follows:

Jessica Chastain again rocked the red carpet for me in her Armani Prive dress.  Nude elegance she said she wanted "to capture the glamour of old Hollywood" and i think she en captured it perfectly!
Chrlize Theron looked absolutely stunning with her extremely short pixe cut (thanks to Mad Max!) and her structured peplum from Dior!  I loved how feminine and statuesque she looked.
Naomi Watts again in a gorgeous Giorgio Armani Dress i loved the gunmetal glitter and different style there was nothing else like it on the red carpet this year.
I realiseall these dresses are quite structured but thats just the look i like!

Other honorable mentions go to:

Stacey Kiebler in  Naeem Khan, Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen and Jennider Lawrence in  Dior Haute Couture. 

My highlights of the night were Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron dancing in the opening medley, JGL dancing and singing (i mean could he get any better!!), the cast of Les Mis singing live (unreal actual tears!), Barbara!! need i say more, and Argo winning best picture it was so deserved especially after they snubbed him for Best Director!  His speech was touching and perfect.  I still love the Oscars and was happy that this year there was a real mix of winners not any one film swept the board.  Another year to go for the highlight of the Red Carpet season!!

cherrylovesit x


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