Friday 1 February 2013

One of my faves from 2012

So as you guys probably don't know i am a massive MAC fan so when it came time to book somewhere for my birthday make up i immediately wanted to go to MAC but as usual they were to busy so i went to Illamasqua a brand i had always looked at albeit from afar and one of the items they used has become a fast favourite.


Its a reddish brown pigment with blue, green and silver hues, this is made to be played with.  I love it, it can be used on its own as a highlighter or eyeshadow or can be mixed or blended with on top of other products, such as blushers, eye-shadows and depending on how daring you are even over lipstick!
Below i have used the pigment on its own, on top of a black eyeliner and on top of a brown eyeshadow and each look is super different.

brown shadow
My fave is over the black it gives an amazing green metallic look.  Whats your favourite??

cherrylovesit x

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