Monday 11 February 2013

Whats my niche?

Looking at all of the blogs out there everyone has a specific niche that there blog follows.  So originally i started this blog (i know its only been 2 weeks) to follow my journey in teaching myself proper makeup application. 

Ive realised my blog name actually lends itself to a lot of things so going forward along with the main theme of makeup and beauty im going to be sharing everything i (cherry) loves!!

Fashion, music, makeup, baking, friends, food and loads more that i cant think of right now.  For me this year is the year of change ive just got a new job (i start in a month eeeek!) im trying to lose weight, spend more time with the people that matter to me and are supportive of my dreams, follow my dreams and generally try to make myself a better person.

So i hope you enjoy all the new posts that will be coming your way!

cherrylovesit x

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