Wednesday 13 February 2013

25 random facts about me!!

Ok so everyone seems to be doing this on my blogger feed so i figured why not join in

  1. Ive pretty much always worked in retail but ive just got a new job in property im pretty scared to be honest.  My dream job would be to be MUA for Illamasqua
  2. I dont really have any close friends i have people i can trust but only maybe 2 people i class as actual friends
  3. Ive been through quite a lot for a 25 year old some things i regret others i think made me who i am today
  4. I danced in the Millennium Dome when it was open, and i was in Paris at the Eiffel Tower for midnight
  5. Im a film geek i could watch them all day long
  6. I used to love horror films but now the thing in your brain that says "this isnt real" has disappeared
  7. I have a puppy who is everything to me he is literally my child, he's called Travie after Travie McCoy : )
8. Im slightly obsessed with Vampires and went to a Buffy and Angel convention when i was younger (because im cool)
9. I have 3 tattoos (back piece, nautical star and an apple) and i sed to have tunnels and my tongue pierced.
10. My Mum is my favourite person in the world she has the coolest stories and is definitely the coolest person i know
11. My weakness is Cheese ball crisps and onion rings i literally cant get enough hence the little belly!!
12. "I love to Dance" its literally my favourite thing ever even if i look like an idiot i will rock it until my feet drop off
13. I read nearly every day last year i read 23 books and at the moment im reading Game of Thrones if youve not got into it do now!!!
14. I live with my boyfriend we have been together 4 years and even though weve had our ups and downs i wouldnt change them for the world.
15. I bake all the time for friends and family but no one ever bakes for me, this is one of the best cakes ive ever done

16. When i was younger i crashed into a wall on a bike and split my lip and nose open, i also broke my arm it was pretty horrible, my sister used to call me simba because my face was yellow from the bruising (i still have the scars)
17. I have a younger sister, and 2 older step brothers we might not always get along but i wouldnt change them for the world.
18. I used to be a bit of a tomboy but now the more Glitter and sequins the better
19. I love going out to eat, sometimes i much prefer food and drinks to a full on night out
20. My wish is to go to Mexico for Day of the Dead i find the festival and the idea so interesting
21.I need to go back to Disney it literally is the happiest place on the earth the smile that spreads across your face when you see Magic Kingdom is infectious AND i want to go to Harry Potter land (i am a massive kid at heart but i dont care)
22.  My favourite city in Europe is Amsterdam ive been 3 times and love it more every time!! take me back!
23. Ive never been on a girls holiday and would love nothing more than to go to Ibiza and dance to Calvin Harris all night with a group of girls!
24.My music taste is the definition of eclectic i love ALL types of music and go through phases of favourite genres
25.  Ive always really struggled to find a lipstick that i love and wear all the time so ive just stopped buying them (any tips would be amazing!!)

So i hope this has given you a bit of a better idea of who i am (i dont actually think these are that interesting!) if youve done a post, let me know in the comments below!

cherrylovesit x


  1. your dog is freaking adorable!
    great post!

  2. #23 =Same with me! I want to sooo bad!! Sounds amazing! Oh and Buffy rules!! ;D xoxox -dre

  3. Love reading posts like this so nice to get to know other bloggers.

    Love your puppy he's so cute <3


  4. thank you so much hes my pride and joy!!


  5. Such a fun post!! I love your dress and that cake is amazing!!


  6. Love reading these tag posts! I use to like buffy too!!

  7. I love tag posts, I did the 50 random facts, that was tough to think about that many facts!! And I want to go to the Day of the dead festival too!! I have always thought it was so freaking cool!


  8. thanks ange the dress is from boohoo!! another bargain :)

  9. yes deffo need to go to mexico its around my birthday so im going to try and tie it in with that at some point so glad you all like it!! xx

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  11. I love these posts! I read yours, thinking we have quite a bit in common! I love dancing and all types of music too! Same view on horror movies and I'm the same with friends, I have only 1 or 2 that I trust and class as true friends, as I've gotten older, I've realised a lot about other people and trust, or lack of. One thing have already done something that I, at 25 years old, am still desperate to do...GO TO DISNEY! I've never been on a girly holiday either, but like you, Ibiza is somewhere I NEED to go and just spend a week or 2, dancing the nights and mornings away! Also, the dress in your pic is so nice :) xx

    1. its from boohoo!! thats EXACTLY what i want to do in ibiza just dont know who to go with haha!! :)