Sunday 3 February 2013

Gold, always believe in your soul!

I don't really wear a lot of lipgloss/lipstick as im much more about striking eyes HOWEVER i do have a fast favourite that i always pull out after a couple of drinks.


Its a stunning beige colour with rainbow glitter it looks gold once on, the lipgloss is sheer so goes really well onto other lipsticks but also looks great just as a stand alone colour. 

It is a little bit sticky but i don't find it uncomfortable and i don't find it overly bitty for a glittery gloss which is sometimes the case.  As i said i usually go for a smokey eye so this is a really perfect nude gloss to partner with the dramatic eye!

I tried to take a pic of gloss but its to sheer but to give you an idea ive done it on its own and on top of a bright pink lippy

cherrylovesit x

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