Tuesday 19 February 2013

Sanctuary 30 Thermal Transformation mask (Glossybox)

I finally got round to using the Sanctuary Spa face mask that was in the January Glossybox! (i know im horrendously late but i just haven't got round to using it!)

First you have to put a Peptide face serum all over your face and neck, to prepare your skin for the Thermal clay mask, this was really smooth and went on really easily.  Next you put on the Thermal Clay mask, this felt really strange going on and heated up as it reacted the serum.  It was a very odd sensation and at first i didnt really like it.  However the heat cooled pretty quickly.  After 15 mins i washed off the mask and my skin did feel smoother.  I dont think il be purchasing as the full size is quite expensive and feel i can get as good a result from a standard cleansing mask.

cherrylovesit x


  1. How much is the full size? It sounds interesting.



  2. Full size is £27.50 and you should it apply it a couple of times a week a bit pricey for my liking! xx

  3. Very pricey - and if you don't like the feeling then it's not really a beauty treat! Thanks for sharing!


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  4. Sounds good but too pricey for me. I need a good hydrating mask:)

    Sara x